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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prove That They're Just Like The Rest Of Us

Gal Dem

With the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just four months away, we wonder how they are spending the free time they have before the entire world is watching their married lives together.

The 33-year-old Prince and 36-year-old American actress have now been spotted together in a few official public appearances, and if there is any take-away, it's that this couple is pretty down to earth.

While the couple does enjoy dining out in London's Soho neighborhood, many nights Harry and Meghan can be found in their Kensington home.

Their two bedroom home has been transformed since Meghan moved in. With lots of flowers, candles and cashmere throws, their home life is definitely a relaxing experience.


The couple is said to enjoy cooking together, with Harry being partial to fish pie and Meghan cooking up jerk chicken and spicy fish.

"They’re spending as much time as they can on their own together, with lots of casual suppers and TV,” a palace insider told the MailOnline.

While cooking and eating together is common for this couple, there is also one other past-time they enjoy that we can all relate to.

After the dinner dishes have been cleaned up and all the nightly chores are done, how do you spend the last hour or two with your spouse before you go to bed? Some will jump on the computer, scroll through their phone, but most couples have their favorite shows that they love to binge-watch together.

From Netflix original series, to setting your PVR to your favorite cable shows, this experience is common for many couples, married and otherwise.


Harry and Meghan are no different. They have been known to watch The Crown on Netflix and binge-watch some of their favorite shows.

On their list of must-watch TV include BBC drama, McMafia, Spiral and Feud.

Source: Mirror