Palace Doesn't Deny News Of Harry And Meghan Moving To Africa

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Palace Doesn't Deny News Of Harry And Meghan Moving To Africa

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Could it be that the two most talked about members of the royal family won't be living in England any more? That's what some reports are saying about Prince Harry and his very pregnant wife, Meghan Markle.

According to The Sunday Times, one of Britain's most trusted newspaper, Harry's advisers have been working on a plan that would establish a "bespoke" role for him in Africa, which would "combine some work on behalf of the Commonwealth along with charity work and a role promoting Britain."

The paper also stated that the plan is being drawn up by David Manning, who is the former British ambassador to the U.S. and special adivser on constitutional and international affairs to Harry and his brother, as well as Lord Gedit, who is Queen Elizabeth II's former private secretary and chairman of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust.

"Discussions are at an early stage, but the plan is to find a new way of using their soft power abilities, most likely in Africa," a source told the Times.

It would be a pretty monumental for the royals to up and leave the country, especially after welcoming their first child together, but the Times said the role would only be for about two or three years, and it wouldn't start until at least 2020.

Generally, rumors about the royal family aren't addressed by the palace, but this one is different. Buckingham Palace released a statement on the rumor, and it didn't totally shoot down the possibility of Harry and Meghan moving.

"Any future plans for the Duke and Duchess are speculative at this stage," the palace said. "No decisions have been taken about future roles. The Duke will continue to fulfill his role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador."

The idea of going to Africa wasn't necessarily at the top of the list, but the Times reported that it was on the list of other options that had been rejected.

"There have been various ideas floated for them to take on a job abroad, such as governor-general of Australia or Canada, wherever," the report said.

The news of Harry and Meghan potentially moving to Africa comes after multiple reports about tension between Harry and William, and Kate and Meghan. While at the Easter service, Harry and William kept their distance from each other, and didn't speak to each other the whole time.  Last month, Harry and Meghan moved out of London and away from William and Kate.

"It's a shame," said a source within the palace. "There was power in that unity and great strength in the foursome, but I see why it is happening. There is always that tension: trying to do the PR thing and then realizing that they are just real people. They want their own place and their own things."

Personally, I think Meghan and Harry moving to Africa is quite risky, especially bringing their new baby, but I guess doing things to promote unity is part of their mandate.

Do you think Harry and Meghan will actually move to Africa?

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