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Harvey Weinstein's Company is Declaring Bankruptcy

The once legendary film studio co-founded by Harvey Weinstein and his brother, Bob, has gone bankrupt. The Weinstein Co. announced that it will declare bankruptcy after a $500 million deal to sell the company and its assets collapsed.

According to a letter from the company, the deal was set to happen with the backing of billionaire, Rob Burkle. But talks broke down when disagreements arose concerning interim funding. It was also complicated by a lawsuit filed against the company by the New York Attorney General regarding the "vicious and exploitative mistreatment of company employees".

The lawsuit accuses the company of "egregious violations of state civil and human rights laws." Numerous lawsuits have also been filed, claiming the company's execs knew of Weinstein's behavior and yet covered up for him for decades and coerced employees into staying quiet.

The company once had several interested buyers. But once the scope of Harvey Weinstein's crimes become known, all of them bowed out stating they did not want to take on the burden of reforming the company and potentially having to compensate employees.

A cross-section of the women who have accused Harvey of inappropriate

The Weinstein Company was once considered one of the greatest modern film studios in the world and produced countless blockbuster and award winning films. Movies produced by the Weinstein company included Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained and Paddington.

Harvey Weinstein himself was a respected and influential figure in the film industry until it emerged that this once trusted man was in fact a notorious sexual predator. His accusers include Hollywood stars like Rose McGowan and Lupita Nyong'o who accused him of sexual advances and forced sexual contact.

He was also accused of rape by The Sopranos star, Annabella Sciorra and former production worker, Mimi Haleyi. After a New York Times article exposed his horrendous crimes, Weinstein was swiftly fired from the company and banished from Hollywood.

Unfortunately, it appears as though despite his removal from the Weinstein company, Harvey's actions will continue to have lasting consequences. The company's bankruptcy filing will undoubtedly mean the loss of hundreds of jobs and the destruction of many livelihoods while Harvey's large fortune will undoubtedly save him from poverty.