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Have You Ever Seen a Wreath Like This?

Nothing says a baby shower more then having a diaper made wreath right on your front door for display! Not only is this wreath a great piece of decoration to have, but it's a great for mom-to-be. Get creative and add whatever products and items you want mom to have - this is will be a gift she won't forget!


  • cardboard frame
  • paint
  • diapers
  • tulle ribbon
  • ribbon
  • products of choice
  • stuffed animal
  • hot glue gun
  • rubberbands


1. Begin by cutting out the size of frame you would like your wreath to be.

2. Paint your frame so that you don't have any cardboard showing through.

3. Start rolling! Taking one diaper at time, begin rolling your diaper up into a cylinder and then securing it with a rubberband.

4. Once your diapers have been rolled, cut off pieces of ribbon that are long enough to wrap around the diaper cylinder and cover the rubberband. Glue them in place.

5. Begin gluing the diapers to your wreath.

6. To add some more color, tie strings of tulle in between each diaper, but be sure to trim them so it isn't too long.

7. Tie on whatever products you have decided to add.

8. Tie on your stuffed animal in the middle and your are done!