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Judge Gives Man A Creative Sentence That Any School Teacher Would Be Proud Of

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Sometimes, the justice system really does get it right! When a court case came before a judge in Hawaii, she heard out the case before deciding that the best way to solve the problem wasn't jail time, but by encouraging the right behavior.

So when Daren Young came before the court house on charges of harassing his ex-girlfriend, Judge Loo decided that there was a better way to fix the problem; with kindness.

Young was ordered to stop contacting his ex-girlfriend back in February of this year, however he recently went on a spree of messages where he called and texted her no less than 144 times in 3 hours.

Therefore, in a clever tit-for-tat, Judge Loo ordered that for every hateful message that Young sent to his ex, he must write a genuine compliment to make up for the damage he caused.

“For every nasty thing you said about her, you’re going to say a nice thing,” said Loo.

When the judge gave her sentence, she was surprised by the way the defendant responded to his punishment.

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