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Hawaiian Singer's National Anthem Rendition Is Like Nothing You've Ever Heard Before

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The U.S. national anthem, "Star Spangled Banner," is one of the most difficult songs to perform live, but you wouldn't be able to tell when you listen to singer Willie K, perform the iconic tune.

Artists often play around with the arrangement to add their unique spin to the song and make their performance stand out from all the rest, but sometimes the best performances are the ones delivered with minimal effort.

His voice and ukulele were the only instruments Willie, needed to wow the Aloha Stadium crowd at last weekend's football game between University of Hawaii and University of Nevada.

The local star, affectionately known around the islands as "Uncle Willie," has been fighting lung cancer, but that couldn't stop him from giving the audience a wonderful surprise with his pleasantly different version of the anthem.

Have a listen:

Willie, who has shared the stage with some of the world's biggest stars, including Prince, Santana, Journey, and ZZ Top, also impressed the audience during his special halftime appearance with the UH Marching Band.

The video of Willie's performance went viral as soon as it was shared online, and was well received by many social media users.

Following the memorable performance, some people suggested that he should be picked to perform the anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia.

Others said that the popular singing competition The Voice "should accept this [the anthem performance clip] as his audition tape."

One veteran asked for this version of the patriotic song to be made available on iTunes so fans can purchase it and listen to it over and over again.

There were some who wondered why Willie wasn't more famous outside of Hawaii, but he has a very good explanation for that.

In an interview with the University of Hawaii Productions, Willie revealed that he has had the opportunity to become a "big gigantic star," but he just can't trade Hawaii "for anything else in the world."

"On Maui, I say, 'When you wake up in the morning and you see that sunrise, give me a phone call and here's my number. Then you find out why,'" he said. "I love it here. I would never trade it for anything else in the world."

We're wishing Willie a speedy recovery so he can continue to serenade us with his beautiful voice!

What did you think of this version of the national anthem?

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