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After His Wife's Stroke, He Knew He Had To Make A Drastic Change To Help Her

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Far too often, it's easy for us to discredit the elderly and to treat them like they're past their prime and incapable of doing things for themselves. This is before we get into topics like elder neglect and abuse, which are unfortunately all too common and often go unreported to the proper authorities.


The fact is, the elderly are just as capable of impressing you with what they can do as anybody else, if not even more so. While we've all had to deal with people in their lives who think that they're "too old to learn new things" (I mean my mom was saying that even in her 40s), the fact is that you're never too old to learn something new.


It may take a little more effort and concentration than it would have years ago, but at the end of the day, you can absolutely teach an old dog new tricks. The catch is, that old dog's gotta want to learn.

Case and point: when his wife of 58 years found herself unable to drive after suffering from a stroke, one man stepped up to the plate in a big way...

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