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He Lost His Leg But He Found A Family, You've Got To See How He Looks Now!

There are some animals that are just too cute for words, and Rudie might be one of them. How can you possibly describe something so miraculous? We will have to try.

Rudie is a three-legged reindeer who is perhaps the cutest thing you could possibly imagine. He was brought to a vet at only two days old when he was found missing half of his leg. The vet had to amputate and find him someone to take care of him while he healed.

A nurse from the clinic decided he would make a perfect fit at her home so he joined the family, quickly making friends with her two dogs and cat. He has completely bonded with his new family and doesn't let his missing leg slow him down at all!

He loves giving kisses to his animal friends and follows them around everywhere. He acts just like a dog and probably doesn't even realize he is a different species! He even gets to go visit nursing homes to cheer up the residents with his sweet nature.

What an amazing little guy! You can follow him on Instagram to see what he's up to, I guarantee you are going to love it.

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