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He Found A Cat Frozen On The Ground, Now She's Got A Safe And Warm Forever Home

A man was driving down a busy road when he noticed something unusual on the ground so he pulled over to check it out. He wasn't expecting to find what he did, but he's very glad that he stopped.

He couldn't believe that this little clump of fur on the road was still moving. He realized that it was a small kitten and it was completely covered in ice, so he scooped it up and rushed it to the vet.

This kitten's face was just a ball of snow and she looked as though she had completely given up. Who knows how many people drove by her without stopping.

They started by letting the little kitten they called Nika toast by a heat lamp where she seemed to thaw out and show just how sweet she is. She couldn't stop rubbing against the hands that saved her.

At the vet, she was checked out and seemed to be in pretty good health other than one thing. Her tail had been severely frost bitten and would need to be amputated.

She went through the surgery like a champ, and was still as sweet as always while she recovered.

Now she has a forever home that loves her as much as she loves them. Her little tail makes her even cuter and her sweet disposition is just the absolute best.

Share this sweet story and make sure you keep an eye out for animals who have gotten lost or have no where to go - especially on those really cold days!

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