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He Opens His Suitcase, But Birds Fly Out And He Is Left Chasing Them Through The Store

When a man is carrying a suitcase, you assume he has some personal items inside. Maybe some extra clothes, a book, or some toiletries. No one ever expects someone to pull out what this man did, especially in public.

An unknown shopper was leaning over a case in a store with people all around him, but when he opened it a real, live rooster jumped out and took off running. The strangest part to me is that no one really seemed to care.

Sure, there are a couple of double takes, but nothing that seems to express the pure confusion that they should be experiencing. Does this just happen all the time in this store? Does everyone carry around fowl with them?

After he caught the bird he tried to return it to the case, but as he did two more birds jumped out! These ones were geese and they didn't get as far as the rooster, but still, what is going on here?

How are you fitting three birds in a suitcase? And perhaps more importantly why are you fitting three birds in a suitcase?

We will probably never know why this man was keeping birds in a suitcase, but at least we can all live in confusion together. Watch the bird chase below, and if you can tell me why this is happening I would really appreciate it.