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After 70 Years, He Revealed A Secret From World War 2 In His Family Home

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Officials in the tiny north-western Czechoslovakian village of Libouch received a surprising call in 2015 from an old man named Rudi Schlattener. Rudi revealed that he had lived in the village when he was a child, in the quaint wooden villa that the village now used as a kindergarten. But he wasn't calling to reminisce about the past.

He wanted to reveal the location of a treasure hidden by his family more than 70 years earlier, and offer his help to identify it.

When Rudi was just 13 his family was forced to flee Czechoslovakia. They were ethnic Germans, and in the anger over World War 2 they were expelled from the country along with hundreds of thousands of others. Lucky families, like Rudi's, were sent to West Germany. The unlucky ones were sent to Soviet East Germany.

Before abandoning their family home, Rudi's father left a secret that only he knew about.

Years later, he revealed the location of his hidden treasure to his son, asking him to retrieve it if he ever returned to his home country.

At the age of 83 Rudi kept his promise, returning to the attic of his family home with officials from the village. He followed his father's instructions - tapping on the wooden walls to find a hollow spot - and pulled the secret string to reveal a hidden attic.

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