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He Saw An Arrow Sticking Out Of His Cat's Leg, Now Attacker Faces A Felony Charge

Donald Caldwell says that his cat Smokey loves to play outside. He will sit by the door and meow until he gets let out. That was before he came home injured and frightened.

Smokey went out as he always does, but when he came home Caldwell noticed something sticking out of his leg. He looked closer and saw that it was a small arrow jammed into his poor little leg.

Caldwell rushed his cat to the vet where they pulled the arrow out without causing any permanent damage. They still don't know who did this to his sweet cat, but they were lucky that it didn't go into the bone.

"If you can see his collar, it's someone's pet," Caldwell said, "You don't shoot someone's pet." It seems like this should be known to everyone but apparently there are people out there who don't understand how important our animals are to us.

Smokey is recovering from the incident. He is wearing the cone to keep him from biting at his stitches, but over time it will heal. Caldwell is not planning on letting Smokey back out any time soon.

The police are looking for a suspect as the arrow was from a crossbow pistol it can lead to a felony charge. Hopefully they find the person who did this before they go after another pet.