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He Sits Outside This Room All Day. When I Found Out Why? My Heart Ached.

Everyone shows love in a different way.

Sometimes it's flowers, sometimes it's an "I miss you" text, and sometimes it's just a small thoughtful gesture.

For this man, though, he's showing his wife just how much she means to him in the most beautiful way possible.

The man, whose name is unknown, was photographed sitting outside his wife's bedroom at a desk.

His daughter Mackenna Newman posted the picture on Twitter, explaining that her mom is currently battling cancer and her radiation treatments require her to stay in her room. Mackenna's dad set up a desk outside her door so he could do work while she gets treatment and she won't be alone.

See? This is love. This is teamwork. This is "through sickness and through health." Mackenna's dad shows us that loving someone isn't always about telling them. Often times, it's about showing them.

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