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Man Discovers Buried Medieval City In An Empty Field After Following A Hunch

If anyone says you're crazy for following your instincts, just remember this story because you could be on the right track after all.

After getting his degree in archaeology, Stuart Wilson from Wales was struggling to make ends meet. Living in his parent's house, he worked in a toll booth, but still dreamed of following his passion and uncovering buried treasure.

That's when a farmer noticed something odd, changing Wilson's life forever. He discovered moles on a field near his property were digging up old pieces of pottery.

After Wilson heard about the bizarre artifacts, he visited the farm himself. With just one look at the property he knew he had to buy the field and uncover what was buried there.

Wilson spent his entire life savings - $40,000 US dollars - to buy the field. Over more than a decade he organized digs on the property every summer using volunteers.

Even with help from family and friends, Wilson guesses that over the years he spent another $250,000 digging up the field, but he was finally rewarded for his hard work and patience.

Wilson had known from clues he noticed on the property and historical accounts that the medieval city of Trellech could be buried under the field.

Other experts said he was crazy, but artifacts kept turning up in the digs - plant pots, jugs, silver coins - that convinced Wilson his guess was right.

Then, the dig finally paid off.

So far Wilson and his team have found 8 buildings that were part of the city, including a manor house with a courtyard and moat.

Today, Trellech is a sleepy village with less than 3,000 people, but in the 1200s it was a huge industrial center with more than 10,000 residents.

The remains of the buildings.Archaeology News Network

The discoveries Wilson has made have more than paid off his investment, and there are plans to build a visitor's center at the site.

“People thought I was mad and really I should have bought a house rather than a field," Wilson told The Guardian.

“But it turned out to be the best decision of my life. I don’t regret it at all."

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