He Thought He Rescued 4 Kittens, But The Truth is Much Wilder

After finding 4 tiny kittens in his barn, in desperate need for help, a farmer in Russia got these helpless animals into safety. Their mother was no where to be found, and did not return. The kittens were unable to care for themselves so this farmer felt the need to step in. Good thing he did!

The little kittens still hadn't opened their eyes when he noticed that they didn't look like any other cat he had ever seen before.

After contacting the Daursky Nature Reserve his suspicions were confirmed that these were not ordinary domestic house cats.

It turns out they were known as Palla's cats or Manuls, a small wild cat that is native to Central Asia. This breed of wild feline is very rare. They can grow to be about 60 cms long and weigh about 6 pounds.

There was no doubt that these kittens needed a mother's love, so the animal care workers hoped the 2 domestic cats at the rescue would help care for their babies.

Right away, the bond was instant and they became their surrogate moms.

These babies were looked after and rehabilitated until they were ready to be released back into the wild.

The 4 beautiful orphaned wild cats have successfully adapted to living in the wild and are thriving together.

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