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The Ocean Looked Calm Until He Threw A Bucket Of Food Into The Water

Nature is truly amazing. You never know what to expect, and often you end up with a great story, an incredible photo, or, like this guy, breathtaking video footage.

It turns out that fish like food just as much as we do. If you've ever owned fish as pets, you know that as soon as you drop a few flakes of fish food into the water, the feeding frenzy begins.

But what if you have hundreds of fish and buckets full of food? A man decided to throw 23 buckets of fish food into the ocean to see what would happen. After dumping the first bucket-full, schools of fish appeared out of nowhere to gobble down the rare treat.

As he continued to feed the fish, more arrived, until the entire surface of the water was a seething mass of squirming scaled creatures.


You have to see it to believe it. The scene is spectacular!

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