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He Was Separated From His Sister For 65 Years, But A 7-Year-Old Neighbor Finally Tracked Her Down

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A man who spent more than 60 years looking for a lost family member was finally reunited thanks to a 7-year-old neighbor and his tech skills.

Clifford Boyson and his 7-year-old neighbor Eddie.ABC News

Clifford Boyson and his sister Betty were separated when they were just 3 and 5 years old, and ever since Clifford and has been searching for his long lost sibling.

The pair were sent to different foster homes, and Betty eventually found her way to Missouri while Clifford was in Iowa. Clifford sent letter after letter to her foster parents, but each one was labeled "return to sender" and sent back.

Newscaster David Muir holds up just a handful of the letter Clifford sent over the years.ABC News

Clifford tried explaining that he didn't want money or anything else, he only wanted to reconnect with his sister. With no other family, Clifford says he didn't have anyone to send a Christmas card to.

His search never turned up any results, until he enlisted the help of his 7-year-old neighbor Eddie. The little boy wanted to help his neighbor because "family is important," and with nothing but his iPad he managed to finally bring the siblings back together.

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