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He Was There To See The Babies, But Mama Had A Plan Of Her Own

Lion can be a really scary animal. Their teeth, their claws, and their gigantic size make them a pretty fierce predator.

However Kevin Richardson doesn't see them that way. He works with this new mother often and she is so comfortable with him that she lets him hold her babies! There is one rule before he can play with the cubs, she needs to get some love first.

She acts no different than your regular house cat when she starts rubbing against him and demanding that he pets her.

She even plops down right on top of him! There is something completely unbelievable about seeing an animal that you always think of as a dangerous beast act like nothing more than a cuddly kitten. She eventually lets the babies come out to play and they are pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Look how cute they are!

Oh, I'm sorry, I mean look how scary and vicious they are!

These precious little angels will rejoin the pride once they are big enough to keep up with the big lions, including their dad who has been hanging around the enclosure to keep an eye on his new babies.

You've got to watch this video and see how incredible the interaction is between this man and his lion friends.

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