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Baby Cow Was Struggling To Survive, But His Family Refused To Give Up On Him And Now We're Tearing Up

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When it comes to loving your animals, there is one family who seems to take it to the highest level imaginable. The owners of the Hens and Highlands farm have proven that they will do whatever it takes to make sure their animals are living the best life, even if it means bringing a cow into their house.

Happy Hens and Highlands

The Scottish Highland calve, Baby James, was born with issues right off the bat. Thanks to his large size, his family noticed that his mom was having issues getting him to nurse. After several hours of failed attempts, they brought the baby cow inside.

Happy Hens and Highlands

They tried to feed him but he couldn't manage. He was fed through a tube for several days. He was being watched around the clock by the family's dogs who had taken over the role of his mom.

They made him special shoes so his hooves wouldn't slide on the floor.

His medical issues continued, and he had to have surgery on his navel because his umbilical cord hadn't healed properly.

They realized that his issue was unlike anything the vet had seen before...

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