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Rare Kitten Lost In The Woods Helps Save Herself By Tracking Down Campers

Imgur / radi0raheem

Jason and his friend were sitting by the river fishing when they heard a tiny cry for help. When he looked around to locate the source of the sound, Jason was surprised to see a tiny kitten trotting towards him from the other side of a busy rural highway.

"She walked up to me and a friend as we were fishing. She tried to cross a two lane rural highway to the other side of the street where we were," Jason explained to Love Meow.

Soon after, they found another kitten wandering nearby. They guessed that the two were abandoned siblings, since they couldn't find the mother anywhere.

When the fishing friends were ready to call it a day, they decided that it would be wrong to leave the little babies behind.

So, they scooped up the kittens and brought them home...

A friend agreed to take the little tabby kitten, while Jason brought home the grey one - who was already following him everywhere he went.

After a quick bath to remove the fleas, the sweet little baby quickly warmed up to her new surroundings.

"She's doing great now, eating like a champ, already doing well with cat litter, and we've de-flea'd her as best we can because she's so young and tiny there aren't any anti flea meds we can safely use," Jason said.

With no one to claim the kitten, Jason and his wife agreed that they would take her in.

After the little baby was all cleaned up, she snuggled into her new human for a cozy nap. Jason's wife confirms that within the next few days, the kittens will be brought to the vet where they will both be checked for microchips and get spayed.

Keen imgur users who shared the story noticed right away that the little grey kitten was a Russian Blue, a sought-after breed of cat worth well over $400 per kitten!

If no one claims them, rest assured, these sweet babies will be well cared for.

[h/t LoveMeow / imgur]