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He Wondered Why His Fridge Was Always Open, Then He Set Up A Camera...

Human beings like to think that we're the dominant species on this planet, that our pets - like dogs - are just the less intelligent animals we keep for company. That's why it's so nice when a story like this comes along to remind us all who's really in charge.

While Adam Mantiel thought his family's fridge was "dog-proof," he noticed that whenever he left his 12-year-old yellow Lab Allie alone, he would come home to find the kitchen had been raided.

To get to the bottom of this Adam set up a hidden camera, but he was totally unprepared for what he caught on tape.

Adam was speechless when he came home to see what Allie had done.

It turns out Adam's girlfriend taught Allie how to open the drawer where her dog toys are stored, and she was smart enough to apply those skills to the freezer.

The test was totally safe - Adam made sure the fridge only contained dog-friendly food - but it's still embarrassing to see Allie walk away with dog treats, tortillas and even raw chicken.

Watch how she hooks her mouth under the bottom of the fridge door- a total genius! Adam recorded a second video with a Go-Pro camera, so you can see how Allie gets into trouble from a dog's-eye view.

Adam says he locks Allie out of the kitchen when she's home alone now. But does she even realize that what she's doing is wrong?

“Some people say, ‘Oh, dogs don’t know shame’; they are wrong. This dog knows exactly what she did,” Adam told ABC.

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