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Healthy Ice Cream - Is The New Food Fad Too Good To Be True?

Whatever else is happening in the world today, we can proudly say that we're living in a golden age of new ice cream creations. Whether you prefer cones or soft serve, and no matter what your favorite flavor is, it seems like every week there's an exciting new treat.

We thought nothing could top New York's spiked ice cream, but the latest inventions from McDonald's and Dairy Queen are proving to be tough competition. Still, the most talked-about ice cream trend of the year is Halo Top - a new kind of diet ice cream.

Halo Top, along with other brands of "healthy ice cream" - yes, really - market themselves as an alternative to the classic frozen treat that won't fill out your waistline. You've probably noticed this brand and other copycat products popping up like crazy at your local grocery store.

A bold claim, but can they back it up? Yes and no, as we discovered when we put this low-calorie ice cream to the test.

While it's true that each pint of Halo Top has less calories than your usual choice (less than 400 calories per pint) there are reasons to be wary, so don't load up your cart just yet.

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At first glance it's easy to see why Halo Top is the healthier choice compared to regular ice cream even if we wouldn't exactly call it healthy. Halo Top has more protein and fiber than most brands, with less fat, saturated fat and sugar.

Then again, to make Halo Top taste sweet but cut down on calories, the company uses a blend of real sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you worry about the health effects connected with these sweeteners, you might want to stay away from "diet" ice creams.

But the biggest way Halo Top lowers their calories is a little devious: there's just less ice cream in every pint. A package of Häagen-Dazs the same size has 408 grams of ice cream, while Halo Top only has 256.

You might as well just buy your preferred brand of ice cream and try your hardest not to eat the whole tub in one sitting, because that's basically how Halo Top makes their product so "healthy."

Oh well. I suppose if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Still, this won't stop me from enjoying my nightly scoop!

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