1-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Loses Hearing Aid While Visiting Santa, And Now He Needs Your Help

A New Jersey family was hoping for a Christmas miracle when their one-year-old son lost his hearing aid while visiting Santa at the mall in New Jersey.

"We decided to go home and on our way out of the mall, we decided to stop at a kiosk to get an ornament and we're assuming somewhere between the walk from the food court to the kiosk to home, he must've ripped it out since he was facing outward in the stroller, we didn't see it fall," his mother Liz Pepin said.

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The didn't notice it was gone until they got home.

"Twenty minutes after we got home, we were looking for it," Pepin said. "We tore the house apart. It's not here."

Everett Pepin, who turns two in January, was diagnosed with a type of eye cancer as a newborn. He lost some hearing in both ears during his chemotherapy treatments.

Undergoing six rounds of chemo, he was cleared for 10 months, but in May relapsed again. After one more treatment this past summer, the family realized that he was having issues with his hearing.

"After treatment, we started realizing his speech is delayed, he's not really speaking," Liz said. "We got him tested and they found out he had hearing loss from the chemotherapy. He is currently stable but with this particular cancer, he is likely to have reoccurrence until the age of 5."

Everett only wears a hearing aid in his left ear, but losing it would be costly for the family.

"A hearing aid, typically if insurance doesn't pay for it, it's over $1,000," Liz said.

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Source: Pix 11