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Heart-Stopping Road Rage Video Shows Three Teens Narrowly Escaping Death

When this security camera footage starts playing, it seems like a normal day on any street in America. Three teenagers can be seen riding their bikes in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Then, in a split second, things go horribly wrong.

The camera catches a Blue Dodge Caravan swerving to hit one of the teens, before chasing after the others.

Amazingly, in the mayhem that follows no one was hurt, but the van came so close to the first teen that his knuckles were actually scraped by the speeding vehicle.

If you live near Elyria, Ohio, watch this video closely, because police are still searching for the culprit!

If you look closely you can see the second teen get his foot driven over while confronting the driver, who police say was screaming threats at the boys during the incident.

The youngest boy in the group, who was just 14, hid behind a parked car until the enraged driver was gone.

The Elyria Police released this horrifying video because the driver is still at large, and they hope the public will help them identify him.

The boys say he was a heavyset, middle-aged man, and he was driving a blue Dodge Caravan. If you live nearby and have any tips, be sure to let them know.

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