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Heart Surgeon Keeps Promise, Visits Former Patient For His 100th Birthday

"I’ll see you on your 100th birthday.”

Those are the words that Dr. Andre Lamy, a cardiac surgeon, promised to Jack Farr just shy of his 93rd birthday.

Jack suffered from 2 heart attacks many years ago and in 2010 went to Hamilton General Hospital for cardiac surgery. He was hesitant about surgery because of his age.

“He felt that he had lived a good life, and was okay with letting nature run its course,” explains Dr. Lamy. “However, I knew that the surgery would greatly increase his quality of life.”

After some convincing and family support, Jack underwent the surgery. He required a triple bypass, using a beating heart "off-pump" which allows the patient's heart to continue to beat on it's own during the surgery.

Jack's surgery was a success and he went home quickly without any complications.

7 years later, Dr. Lamy received an invitation.

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“I couldn’t believe it! I pulled out his chart, and I had written down ‘I’ll see you on your 100th birthday’,” Dr. Lamy recalls.

One the birthday party invitation came in the mail, he couldn't turn it down.

Jack is still doing extremely well, and Dr. Lamy made it his 100th birthday celebration where the family was able to extend their gratitude to the man that gave them extra years to share with their loved one.

Sources: Hamilton Health Sciences