Dog Was Heartbroken After His Best Friend Passed Away, But Now He Finally Has A Reason to Smile Again

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In the course of our lives, we meet and connect with different people, but there are very few bonds that are as special as the one we share with our best friend. So you can only imagine how Flora the malamute felt when her best friend, Dexter the cat, passed away.

The Williams family adopted Dexter just two years prior from Best Friends Animal Society in Kenab, Utah, but the moment he met Flora, the pair became inseparable.


The passing of the special senior cat has taken a toll on Flora and in the last few weeks she has been going through periods of depression.

To help lift her spirits, the Williams adopted two young cats, but the plan failed after the felines refused to interact and cuddle with the grieving 100-pound malamute. Once again, the family set out to find another solution for their beloved canine and second time was the charm.

Earlier this month, they fostered four kittens and they were exactly what Flora needed to feel better.

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