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Strangers Have Donated Over $100K For The Baby Saved By Her Mother's Ultimate Sacrifice


When police found three-year-old Jordyn Grace, she was clinging to the body of her drowned mother. The young girl was cold, but unharmed.

Since news broke of the mother's tragic sacrifice, donations have been pouring in for little Jordyn. A GoFundMe account has now raised $123,338 of it's $100,000.

Police say that Jordyn's mom, Colette Sulcer, is the true hero of this story. They believe that it was her actions that saved her daughter's life...

A 2015 picture of Colette Sulcer and her daughter, Jordyn Grace.Facebook/Daily Mail

Colette Sulcer, tried to flee from the floodwaters in Beaumont, Texas, when a swift current swept her and the little girl downriver.

A witness spotted the 41-year-old nurse removing little Jordyn from their car after being forced to abandon it due to heavy rain and high winds.

Authorities report that as she tried to walk to safety, the current of a flooded drainage canal next to the car swept them both away.

Sulcer pulled into a parking lot beside Interstate 10 (above) when her car got stuck.Associated Press / Daily Mail

Beaumont fire chief, Brad Penisson, tells the Independent that the police and fire-rescue team was only able to catch up to the mother and her daughter about half a mile downstream from their vehicle.

By the time rescuers pulled them into the boat, Sulcer had fully lost consciousness. Despite their efforts, she could not be revived.

Little Jordyn managed to survive thanks to a backpack she was wearing that acted as a flotation device and her mother's strength that kept her above the water. First responders lifted the little girl off of her mother and treated her for hypothermia.

Jordyn is now in the safe care of a family member. The family has been made aware of the campaign and they are holding a meeting with activist/film producer Michael Skolnik, the man behind the campaign.

All of the funds will be released to the family and it will go directly to Jordyn. To learn more about the GoFundMe campaign, click here. For updates about Jordyn and her family, click here.

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