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Mall Santa Gave An Autistic Boy Something Better Than Presents, And We're Crying

Faith Tap

We all need to hear encouraging words from those we admire, and when children need that holiday cheer, Santa is the first person we'll bring them to.

Six-year-old Landon from West Michigan was nervous to visit Santa at the local mall, but he sat beside Santa and took a photo with him and his other family members.

After the family photo was taken, Landon looked back at Santa and suddenly had an urge to go back and talk to him. He couldn't keep his arms still and his heart raced, so he ran back up to the smiling white-bearded man to ask him a question that's been bothering him for quite some time.

It's a question he never regrets asking, and an answer he'll never forget.

"Will my autism put me on the naughty list?" Landon revealed his secret to Santa.

“You know I love you and the reindeer love you and it’s OK. You’re a good boy. You’re a good boy, you know?” Santa responded. "It's OK to be you!"

It was those five words that calmed Landon and expelled the thought that his mental condition would rub Santa and his elves the wrong way.

Landon's mother, Naomi, was glad that her son could hear it from someone he admires.

"Mommy tells him all the time that he’s special and I love him the way he was made, but it’s always nice to hear it from others."

"I'm not going to get coal," Landon exclaimed happily to WOOD TV8.

Watch Landon's full story on meeting Santa here:

[Source: Faith Tap]

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