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Can You Help This Boy Make History With His Invented Word?

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Did you ever come up with a new word as a kid? It was a creative time in our lives, and I'm sure among all the babbling that we did, there were a few words that had never been heard before.

What would have been really cool is if that word had a meaning that nothing else could cover, and so people actually started using your word!

Well one little boy is living in the lap of lexicon luxury, with his word which is taking the world by storm!

Levi Budd, age six, came up with the word "levidrome" which refers to a word that has a different meaning when spelled backwards.

For instance, the word 'stop' means to "come to an end," but backwards is 'pots' or a collection of containers.

Levi submitted his new word to the Oxford English Dictionary, but while they liked his word, it needed to be commonly used in the world in order to be accepted into their collection.

So Levi decided he would make that happen.

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