Henry Winkler Finally Wins First Emmy At 72, 42 Years After His First Nomination


On September 17, all of Hollywood's elite gathered at the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles to attend the 70th PrimeTime Emmy Awards.

Several deserving actors and actresses walked away with the prestigious award, no one earned it quite like Henry Winkler did.

Surprisingly, the Happy Days actor had never won an Emmy Award, despite six nominations.

However, his luck changed last Sunday night when he took home the best supporting actor in a comedy award for his role as Gene Cousineau in HBO's Barry.

During his acceptance speech, joking he had written his speech 43 years ago, adding that "Entertainment lawyer Skip Brittenham 'said to me a long time ago, if you stay at the table long enough, the chips come to you,' and tonight I got to clear the table."  

At the show, Winkler reunited with his friend and former costar Ron Howard and took the time to take a reunion picture.

When the Angels & Demons director retweeted the photo, he congratulated Winkler for winning his first Emmy Award.

"My friend's win is so deserved and great! Bravo," Howard wrote.

While Winkle's win was a remarkable moment, it wasn't the only exciting part of the night.

"Never let go of your sunshine."

Glenn Weiss took home the Emmy Award for for best director for a variety special, but that wasn't the highlight of his night.

During his acceptance speech, Weiss proposed to his girlfriend Jan Svendsen on stage in front of a roaring crowd.

"Mom always believed in finding the sunshine in things, and she adored my girlfriend Jan. Jan, you are the sunshine in my life. And mom was right, never let go of your sunshine," Weiss said. "You wonder why I don't like to call you my girlfriend? Because I want to call you my wife."

Once Svendsen got on stage, Weiss dropped down to one knee and gave her the engagement ring his father had given his mother 67 years ago.

Weiss told reporters after the show that if he hadn't won the award, he would have waited until next year to pop the question, but was thrilled he did.

"You can’t come in and plan this. It became [a] thought, and the thought picked up steam," he shared. "That’s how we got here. The timing just lined up very nicely, and it was a really magical moment."

"I never expected this. I was shocked,” Svendsen added. "I was just so grateful that he won, and I really hoped he was going to dedicate the award to his mother, and he did, and then some."

"It was surreal, and it feels like this… was supposed to be… He was getting an award himself, and as a director and producer, on stage with his friends and family around, and others gathered around the television watching, it just feels right, and we always felt right. So I’m beyond ecstatic, and there was not a doubt in my mind."

"Sandra Oh’s parents were the stars of the night and we all know it."

Weiss wasn't the only one who had a sweet family moment, as Sandra Oh came to the awards ceremony with two dates in hand - her mom and dad.

Although Oh, who was the first Asian woman to ever get nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Lead actor in a Drama Series, didn't take the trophy home, the public thought she was the real winner for having two amazing parents.

While social media users showed disdain over Oh's loss, several fan favorites took home the distinguished award.

The Winners

This year the Amazon Prime Video's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel took home eight Emmy Awards including best comedy series and best actress for Rachel Brosnahan.

Game of Thrones swept the Emmys with a total of nine awards, including technical awards for special effects and stunts, and was named best drama series for a third time throughout its seven season run.

Peter Dinklage won another Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series, tying with Aaron Paul for his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.

RuPaul's Drag Race won an Emmy Award in the outstanding reality-competition series, which is a feat in itself, as only three other programs have won the award since its creation in 2003.

Regina King was stunned to have won for lead actress in a limited series for Netflix show Seven Seconds due to the fact she was a woman of color.

"I do feel a lot of times we’re just so divided as a country," she said in her acceptance speech, "and that things are always looked at as black or white. I am guilty of that a lot of times as well, and I think that probably played into a big part of my assumption that the chances of me winning were so small."

"This is the Television Academy," King continued. "The academy of my peers don’t just have the same skin color as me, and they’re not just only interested in things that represent what they look like. They’re interested in storytelling, and they’re interested in seeing things from a different perspective."

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