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4 Years After Her Cat Ran Away, She Got A Call That Reunite Her With Beloved Pet

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Pets feel like family, and many of us who have gone to choose a new cat or dog know that fateful feeling of picking up your new family member. It feels right, like it came into your life for a reason, and from that day on your bond is strong and everlasting. Shonet du Plessis was lucky enough to have the same loving cat come into her life not once, but twice.

Too many of us know the heartbreak of losing a pet. It feels like losing a family member, and when they go, either run away, given up or died, we know we have to say goodbye forever. That's what Shonet thought when her cat Honda was chased out of her home over 4-years ago.

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Shonet had two cats, Honda and another male cat, but the other, larger, cat didn't take well to Honda. As they do sometimes, the cat chased Honda out of the home. Shonet was devastated.

For months she searched for Honda, by all accounts a sweet and affectionate short-hair, but couldn't find him. She posted pictures and canvassed the neighborhood, but no one had seen him. To make matters worse Shonet knew she had only a limited time to find Honda; in a few months she would be moving across town.

North Glen News

She didn't find him in time, and when she packed up her home she gave up hope on ever seeing her beloved cat again.

Their reunion is truly amazing!

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