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The Father Of Her Baby Died While She Was Pregnant, But Her Maternity Photos Make It So He'll Live Forever

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Shanna Logan Photography

Losing a loved one is always difficult, but losing your husband just months before the birth of your first child is unimaginable.

Amanda and her late husband Jesse.Amanda Snydery

That's the sad situation Amanda Snyder found herself in when her husband Jesse passed away. The couple were expecting their first son in just a few months, and Jesse was the very picture of a doting husband.

“He was there for every appointment," Amanda said, "he was there right next to me when I was so sick I couldn’t leave the bathroom or my bed, and he did everything he could to show his love to me.” Then, in May, a tragic accident took Jesse's life.

Suddenly, the future Amanda had planned with her husband was gone. In a tragic twist of fate, Jesse was buried in the outfit Amanda had picked out for him to wear to their maternity photo shoot.

But Amanda was still committed to having the photos taken. “I had lost so much," she explained, "and all I was left with were memories and pictures to look back on.

“I knew if I didn’t get them taken I would regret it,” and that's exactly why her photographer Shanna Logan did something totally miraculous with Amanda's photos.

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