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Bride Says "I Do" Just Months After An Accident Left Her A Quadriplegic

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Anna Claire Waldrop and her fiance James "Jimbo" Waldrop had their fairy-tale relationship most couples could only dream of.

They met in elementary school, where they were so close they were featured in "best friend" photos for the school's yearbook. They dated in high school, following each other to the same community college and later to Delta State University.

Jimbo had even gone the extra mile for his proposal, hiding her engagement ring in the bottom of a picnic basket.

But a tragic accident last Valentine's Day almost ended the couple's plans to start their lives together for good.

While driving home from school one night, the couple were rear-ended by a drunk driver, sending their car flying off the road.

Miraculously, Jimbo was thrown out the sunroof, avoiding any serious injuries. But Anna wasn't so lucky.

She stayed in the car as it rolled over 4 times. The accident made Anna a quadriplegic just 9 months before her wedding day, but she was determined to make the best of her situation.

“I knew my wedding was coming up and I didn’t want to change the date, it pushed me to recover," she told People.

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