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Her Little Parakeet Sat On A Grocery Store Egg, But What She Hatched Had Them Both Scratching Their Heads In Wonder

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Most people who shop for eggs know that the ones they buy at the grocery store are unfertilized. Since the chickens who lay them aren't usually mixed up with roosters beforehand, there's very little risk of find a baby birdie in your breakfast the next morning.

When YouTube user, Luna Angel, brought home a few quail eggs, she thought it might be fun to hand one over to her little parakeet, Pi-chan.

She didn't expect too much after placing the egg in Pi-chan's cage, but the pretty parakeet had strong mothering instincts. Pi-chan sat right down on the egg that obviously wasn't hers and kept it warm beneath her.

It wasn't long before Pi-chan had a special surprise for her human...

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