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Here Are 15 Dog Dads To Wish You A Happy Paw-ther's Day


They're often reluctant at first, but you just KNOW these dads were made for loving doggies!

Sure, they put up a tough exterior and maybe even take a gruff tone with you when you beg them for a new fur baby, but deep down they want a dog just as much.

The photos below were taken by their children, as only they can capture the tender moments between these reluctant "paw-pas" and their pups.

Even if they haven't got a human kid to call their own - Father's Day is for all fathers of babies, furry or otherwise!

1. Pure Puppy Love

2. Dad Didn't Want A Dog.... Yah, Right.

3. Wash and Blow Dry

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It's not easy being a doggy dad - you've got to keep those rambunctious puppies in line, teach them how to pee outside and clean up all the messes they make in the house.

But despite all of the hassle, their unconditional love and devotion is a huge reward - totally worth all the work.

If you're a dog dad, or you know someone who is, share some of your own images in the comments below!

4. Just A Very Good Boy On A Hike With Dad

5. He Asked Her To Take This Picture, So He Would Remember The Dog - He Has Alzheimer's.

6. Bishop Gets A Daddy Manicure

7. Dad Sent His Daughter An E-mail Titled, "Guess What?"

8. She's Not My Dog, She's Just A "Wild" Ranch Animal

9. Local Celebrity

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to your fur baby, and it seems like they can never be replaced...

Some dads are total dog lovers, but it can be really hard to even think about moving on after the loss of their beloved old buddy.

It often takes a gentle nudge from one of their own children to encourage a dad to open his heart to a new, much younger pupper. Once you plop a puppy in his lap, the rest is easy.

Dads and dogs were just made for eachother!

10. Brand New Cuddle Buddy

11. Need A Lift?

12. "Macho Man"

13. "Ankle Biter"

14. Water Buddies

15. Snuggle Buddies