Here's How People Are Tricking Their Cats With Tape

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Cats may seem apathetic towards a lot of stuff but there they surprisingly have plenty of quirks which make them very interesting creatures.

We already know about their love for knocking things over, boxes, laser pointers and sitting in circular objects, but earlier this week one feline mom showed the rest of us that there is another trick that they absolutely cannot resist.

Danielle Matheson tweeted a photo of her mom's experiment involving a cat and a roll of tape and people are fascinated by the results.

Danielle's mom found a trick on Pinterest which claimed that if you put a square on the floor, your cat will be compelled to get in it.

After the success of the initial experiment, Twitter users began to replicate the trick and shared their results for all to see.

Some even caught it on video.

However, amidst all the excitement people have a lot of questions as to why cats are so attracted to the tape square.

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