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Here's How To Close A Loved One's Social Media Accounts After They've Passed Away

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In today's digital age, our daily lives are caught up in social media in a lot of unexpected ways.

Police departments around the country have already been forced to warn people about posting "RIP" messages on a loved one's Facebook page just after they die. Like all announcements involving a person's death, these should only come after their family has shared the news themselves.

When you're planning a family member's funeral there's so much to do and take care of that it's easy to overlook social media entirely, but that would be a mistake. Accounts that aren't closed right away are forgotten about, becoming "ghost accounts" that can cause pain for that person's friends and family for years to come.

Imagine getting a notification on Facebook suggesting you become "friends" with a relative who passed away years ago. It would just open up old emotional wounds and ruin your day.

For years there was no way to look after someone's social media accounts once they passed away, but today companies have made it fairly simple to close an account, or turn it into a "memorial" page.

So how do you do it?

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