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Here's How To Make All Purpose Cleaning Slime for Those Hard to Reach Spots

For the past few years slime has been a hugely popular crafternoon activity with kids. I'd bet that more than a few of us have some stockpiled for those rainy days inside. If you've got some containers full of slime laying around, it's time to bust them out for cleaning! Yes, slime can be the perfect cleaning supply for dust and crumbs. If you're not already a slime connoisseur, here's how to make all purpose cleaning slime for those hard to reach spots.

pink glitter slime being played with

Slime Hack: All Purpose Cleaning Slime

This recipe can be whipped up in 5 minutes with some Elmer's liquid glue and Borax.

What You Need

  • 5 ounces of white school glue
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • tbsp of Borax detergent


Put the glue and 1/4 of water into a mixing bowl. Mix together the boiling water and Borax until the detergent has dissolved. Take the Borax solution and put two tablespoons into the glue mixture. Mix together and the slime will start to form. It might take a minute for the slime to begin to take shape. Add small drops of the Borax solution until the slime no longer sticks to your fingers when you touch it. The slime should form a ball easily when squeezed in your palm.

Tip: We like to use white Elmer's glue so that you can see the dirt and dust get picked up.

Time to Hit Those Hard To Reach Places

By far one of the trickiest places to remove dust and dirt from is your car console. All of those awkward angles and bumps can be challenging for a cloth, let alone a vacuum. Time to slime. Watch this goo pull up the mess we all detest.

Too Easy. Honestly, when I tested this I wasn't sure how it would work but I ended up cleaning the dash, vents and cup holders too. This was legitimately one of the best hacks I've ever tested.

Now on to the computer. So quick and simple to get in those hard to clean between the keys of your keyboard.

Yellow slime beside a black keyboard

Note: Do not use slime that is too gooey to clean your electronics or delicate devices.

yellow slime being used to clean a dirty keyboard

I'm not really sure how much of a deep clean this gave the keyboard but with a quick wipe down i'm sure that this would be really effective. It definitely removes all of the gross particles that get caught.

What about Other places? Try using this slime hack for cleaning the corners of your stairs. Pick up dust and lint around the bottom of your banister and railings.

TIp: You can scent your slime with essential oils.

What other hard to reach places have you used this all purpose cleaning slime for?

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