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Here's What to Expect From the Year of the Dog

While most of the world celebrated the new year on January 1, 2018, the year of the dog was feted in parts of Asia on February 16th. Asian astrologers believe the animal ruling the year will determine the events which will shape history for the next 12 months or so.

They also believe the year will have different outcomes for each of us, depending on when we were born.

This year will be ruled by the brown dog or 'earth dog'. Its characteristics are strength and steadiness.

It's a solid year to work on something you'd like to last beyond the next couple of months like a job, your family or that recipe that always causes your fire alarm to go off. Luck can be increased if you own red clothes and wear them often.

Astrologers predict this year will be one of citizens demanding more change for themselves. Social awareness and collective action will be a big theme and individuals who show kindness to others are expected to have a better year than most.

Strangely, people born under previous years of the dog are not expected to have a particularly fortunate year. Under the Chinese Zodiac, living in the year of your animal is considered bad luck.

So if you were born in the 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006, it's likely your year will be ordinary at best. Chart readers do warn that those born in these years should pay attention to their health to avoid burnout.

Find out which animal your year belongs to here.

2018 will bring many opportunities to start businesses and expand your social circle. However, those born in the year of the dragon, sheep and rooster should also be careful, lest they experience a burnout similar to that of the dogs.

But what about those born in other years?

If you're born under the years of the rabbit, tiger or horse, then this year will most likely be a good one.

Year of the Rabbit: Guarded by the dog, this year will be the perfect time to expand your endeavors, learn new skills and grasp new opportunities. Astrologers claim you can do no wrong in 2018 but don't test that idea too much.

Year of the Tiger: This year will lead to positive results from maintenance. Are you trying to make sure that business lasts longer, hoping to make your fitness a regular part of your life or determined to make that morning routine second nature? This is the year to make efforts which will have benefits lasting for the next couple of years.

Year of the Horse: This year could give you your big break. As horses thrive in competition and are natural born leaders, the year of the dog's strong foundation will lend you the confidence you need to finally take your place at the top like you deserve.

Whether you believe in the Chinese zodiac or not, there's no doubt that some of these instructions could bring nothing but good fortune or at the very least, some important lessons you could learn.

So go buy a red outfit for good luck and seize the year!