Here's What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Choosing a color is an instinctual choice, and believe it or not, says a lot about your personality and how you relate to others.

Understanding your character traits for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states will help you better understand yourself and how the world around you percieves your actions.

Your color choice can also help to identify your strengths and weakness as well as your vulnerabilities and desires throughout your life.

Is It the Color You Wear?

Open your closet, do you see a dominate color in your clothes? Your personality color does not always reflect in what you wear. It's the color that you're naturally drawn to and makes you feel comfortable when you see it. Depending on your body type and your style of clothes, the color you wear is not necessarily reflective of your personality color.

How Do You Choose Just One?

Are you torn between two colors that you love equally as much? It happens! Read both color profiles to get a better understanding about how each color reflects your personality to get a better understanding about what motivates you.

I'm sure you will find elements of both color profiles that speak you to.

Dislike of a Color

The colors you avoid and dislike also say a lot about who you are and can reflect your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Your most disliked colors will relate to areas of your life that you may need to give more attention to or past hurts that need help being healed. Go back as far as your childhood to a time when you may have developed the dislike of a color. Generally you will find a connection.

Rejecting an entire color can often create an imbalance in your life, so it's good to make peace with it by slowly introducing it into your life to help balance your energies.

Have You Changed Your Favorite Color?

If you have changed your personality color, try to pinpoint the circumstances in your life surrounding the change. When selecting a new color, it could be a good way to see which qualities you need to attract into your life to help you deal with new circumstances.

Now it's time to choose. Don't think about it, just be honest with your answer and accept the first color that comes to your mind.

So what does your color mean about you?


Having red as your favorite color identifies you as a extrovert and optimist. You're also seen as courageous and confident with a love of action oriented and physically active life-style. People with red as a favorite color like to be the center of attention and you radiate a great deal of energy.

You are ambitious and competitive and like to be the winner- second place is not good enough for you. You have a mentality of all or nothing.  

You are a good worker, not necessarily a good boss though. Your aggressive nature doesn't serve you well in management roles. Your action-oriented nature is valuable when it comes to meeting deadlines and getting the job done right.


If your favorite color is orange, you are warm, optimistic, and extroverted. Your friendly, good-natured personality make you easy to get along with and you are generally an agreeable person.

Having orange as a personality color means you are more light-hearted and less intense than those who love red. You are still assertive and determined in your personality but are far less agressive.

You thrive on social contact and do well in social gatherings, bring may different people together.

While you may be charming and easy-going, you tend to be a show-off.


No surprise here, if you are drawn to the color yellow, you are a happy person with a sunny disposition. You have a creative mind are are often coming up with new ideas. You need desperately need someone to turn those ideas into reality because your head is in the clouds much of the time.

With the personality color of yellow, you can be very critical of yourself as well as those around you. You tend to be a perfectionist and analyze everything, all of the time. You are impulsive and tend to make quick decisions, however, you may rush into things too quickly out of anxiety.

You keep a small group of friends close, and would rather spend time with them than being involved in team events or large social gatherings.


As someone with a green personality, you are practical and down-to-earth. You love spending time in nature and are always seeking a balance in your life.

Having a personality color of green means you are kind, generous and compassionate, which means you are good to have around during times of crisis.

You are caring and nurturing to those around you, but be careful not to neglect yourself while you're giving to others. You are quick to understand new concepts, which makes you intelligent and always pursing your love of learning.

You can have difficulty feeling great passion because of your desire for balance and peace. With this personality color, you are not a risk-taker, but rather an observer of the things around you.


If you identify with blue, then you are conservative, reliable and trustworthy. You are trusting of others, but you may be wary in the beginning until you are sure you can rely on the other person.

You are neither impulsive or spontaneous, and always think before you speak. You do everything at your own pace and take the time to process and share your feelings.

If you are drawn to blue, are appear confident and under control, but you may be hiding your vulnerable side. While you are sensitive to the needs of others, you keep a close circle of friends, in spite of being sociable and friendly to those around you.

You may be rigid, and like to stick to what is familiar to you. While it is hard to sway you from your path, your stubborn nature will keep you doing things your way even if another has been proven better.


If you are drawn to purple as your personality color, you are sensitive and compassionate. You are known to be understanding and supporting often putting others before yourself. People are drawn to you whne they need help which means you can often be taken advantage of.

Your gentle, free-spirited nature often gives people the impression that you are shy, which is not usually he case. You have a creative mind and enjoy expressing your style through your dress and home decor.

You can often be secretive, with even your closest friends not really knowing you well. You tend to dislike responsibility and the difficulty of having to deal with daily mundane problems.


If you identify with pink as your personality color, you are kind, loving, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. Your friendly nature makes you seem approachable to others and you provide a warm softness that people are drawn to. You love to nurture others and in turn be nurtured yourself.

The personality color pink shows off your parental instinct, which embodies your need to protect and take care of those you love. You are refined and reserved, but you often face the challenge to be more self-reliant.

It's important for you to learn to love yourself and then find love and acceptance from those around you.


If you chose brown as your personality color, you are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome. You are seen as steady and reliable but quietly confident. The brown personality color has a keen sense of duty and responsibility and you take those obligations very seriously.

You are a homebody, and your family and friends are very important to you. You enjoy a structured life with everything in its place, but you are not deemed as a perfectionist. You are however, materialistic, and enjoy quality in everything including a comfortable home, the best food and drink as well as good companionship.


As someone who identifies with black, prestige and power are important to you. You have an independent and strong-willed nature, which causes you to be determined and in control of yourself as well as the situations you're in.

With black as a personality color, you may be too serious for your own good. Add some color to your life to lighten it up!

You may come across as intimidating to even your closest colleagues and friends. You like to keep people at a distance, guarding your emotions and creating a barrier between you and the people around you.

You are methodical in your work and make sure that every detail is completed.


White tends to become a favorite during a transitional time in your life. As you prepare for new beginning or if you are seeking a new direction this blank canvas can call to you.

You are neat and enjoy an immaculate appearance in your home, your car and in your style. Your impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene are not only expected of you, but of those around you as well.

You are positive and optimistic in nature with a well-balanced, sensible and wise attitude. With the personality color of white, you are cautious, practical and careful with money.

You tend to have a lot of self-control, and think carefully before you act, you are not prone to impulsive behavior.

Which color are you? Share with a friend and find out what they are too!

Source: Empowered By Color