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Hero Dog Saves 4 Newborn Kittens From Raging Fire (VIDEO)

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YouTube/Associated Press

House fires can be devastating and terrifying events; not only for the families, but also for their pets!

One family in Melbourne, Australia experienced that exact panic when their home caught fire. After they all managed to rush out of the burning home with their dog Barney, they realized that their other pup, Leo, was missing.

Back inside the burning house, Leo bravely located four newborn kittens, who were trapped in the blaze. The selfless dog laid on top of the helpless kittens and slowly lost consciousness as the fire surrounding them sucked the oxygen out of the room.

Firefighters were alerted that Leo was still in the home and they immediately began searching for him. When they found the little hero, he was nearly lifeless, guarding the family's four kittens.

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