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He's The Reason You Can Fly, But There's A Lot More To Orville Wright Than That

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We all know the story of how man came to fly after millennia of staring at the stars. It came down to two brothers who didn't have the most money, or the most scientists, but they had the perseverance to keep trying until they got it 'wright'.

One of those brothers in particular has had their name enshrined forever because of their contribution to aerospace. Orville Wright was the brains behind the engineering of the first flying machine and had many interesting aspects about his life not generally known.

So let's take a look at the man whose birthday is celebrated as National Aviation Day, and see what sort of person made one of the biggest impacts on human civilization to date.

Avid Sportsman

Orville and his brother Wilbur loved the outdoors, and spent much of their free time camping and exploring the area around Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. It wasn't always easy though, the two brothers nearly drowned on their first voyage to the narrow strait.

Single Life

Orville didn't leave himself much time for dating it seems. Later in life when they were asked by journalists about their intentions to marry, Orville said that Wilbur should marry first, and Wilbur quipped that he didn't have time for both an airplane and a wife.

Hipster Cool

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Orville would have been especially cool in our day-and-age. With his twisted mustache, and penchant for buying clothes at thrift prices, he had a style all his own.

Despite only wanting to dress "simply," he managed to still track down cool-looking socks complete with wingtips. He also played the mandolin, made his own candy, and lived in a less expensive house.

This humble lifestyle allowed them to invest more in their large-scale projects...

Socially Progressive

When he was younger, Orville decided to build his own printing press to publish stories about his local neighborhood in New York City. He helped his friend, Paul Laurence Dunbar, the only black student at his school, publish his poems. Dunbar would later go on to become renown for his writings.

Orville also had the chance to see how his invention was shaping the modern era. He managed to fly in the latest technological advances and witness the creation of jet propulsion, even seeing the first rocket take off. He truly was a legend of his own time.

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