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He's Was Abandoned And Left To Fend For Himself, Now He Ready For His Forever Home

Bosley has had a rough life. He was first found by a family who noticed he had no where to go. He was outside their house all the time, eating garbage so they started feeding him. But when they were evicted they left him behind.

He was left to fend for himself but not for long. A woman named Shannon says that a neighbor borrowed a live trap to try and catch the nervous cat. Shannon then brought him to the rescue to take care of this poor injured cat.

Not only was he left alone without any source of food, he was also injured pretty badly. He was taken to the Dane County Friends of Ferals (DCFF) and they put in the time and love he needed to get well .

“Bosley was in need of medical help. He had many wounds and some were fresh. His eyelid was cut and he had many bad teeth,” said Bonnie Beach from DCFF.

The vet isn't certain on his age because Bosley is so beat up after living his whole life on the street. But just because he was a stray doesn't mean he isn't friendly. Bonnie said that "He still has a soft spot in his heart for we humans.”

Now that Bosley isn't suffering from his painful wounds he is able to be a regular cat. He loves playing with the toys, cuddling with who ever comes to see him and even playing with other cats.

Finally, after years on the streets and being left time and time again, Bosley is ready to find a forever home.