Genius Dog Opens 4 Doors During His Incredible Escape

When Travis Campbell went on vacation, he left his dog, General, in the kennels at a local animal hospital.

He didn't expect his dog would get into much trouble. General is 10 years old after all, and this wasn't the first time he had been left at the kennel. But it seems the Pyrenees didn't like to be cooped up, because in the early hours of the morning General pulled off an action-hero escape from his cage.

Somehow, this crafty canine managed to sneak through 4 doors on his way to freedom, and that was just the start of the hunt for this daring fugitive.

WATCH: A 10-year-old Great Pyrenees named General escaped from an animal hospital in Stafford while the family was vacationing. Now we have some great news to share! FULL STORY -->

Posted by ABC 13 - WSET on Monday, April 10, 2017

In the incredible security camera footage, you can see General lifting the latch to his cage before strolling out and pulling the door open. Then, he manages to pull a door handle with his teeth before pushing through the final door into the parking lot.

The animal hospital's owners found General's empty cell that morning and called Campbell. By 7am, he was back home and the hunt for General was in full swing.

You would think a huge, 124 pound white dog would be easy to spot, but he managed to avoid authorities for 12 hours, until he was spotted relaxing on a lawn near the kennel.

General is safe and sound with his family now, and he even posed for a picture with the officers who tracked him down.

Hopefully, the next time Campbell goes on vacation he'll bring his dog along!

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