Hidden Camera Catches Maids Reaction To Biggest Surprise Of Her Life

Many people have jobs that they perform because they need the money and not because they expect anything else in return. Jobs as a housekeeper often involve cleaning areas that are sometimes less than appealing without getting any kind of gratification except for a paycheck.

There are thousands of people who work in housekeeping across the country. They have jobs in hotels, offices, and work for private companies cleaning homes. One woman who works in a hotel received a shocking surprise one day while she was cleaning a room. This was a surprise that she greatly needed in her life at the moment and that she was truly thankful for when she discovered it on one of the beds.


Kyle and Josh are two men who have an internet show where they prank others in a good way. They secretly placed a camera in the hotel room that they were staying in so that they could record the cleaner's surprised face.

The men planted something on the bed underneath the sheets that the woman would see as soon as she folded down the blanket. For many people who watch the video of the maid, it's a tearjerking few minutes. Give Back Films is a channel that Kyle and Josh started a few years ago. They wanted to do something for other people to show that there is still goodness in the world.

They enjoy giving money to other people as well as food and other items that can brighten someone's day. Since Josh and Kyle were already in town for a festival, they decided to tie in their show while staying in a hotel room.

The two men begin by talking about why they want to help the hotel cleaner and what they plan on doing. When they get to the room, they decide to make a mess of the clean bed. When she walks in, the maid thinks that they had quite the party in the room.

She doesn't know that there is a rather large tip under the sheets that she will find when she begins changing the bed. The maid cleaning the room had been staying at the hotel with her family and had only recently started working there.


She needed the money and saw a sign on the door of the hotel asking for help. The owner of the hotel needed someone to start right away and hired the young girl immediately. Kyle and Josh had heard about the maid's story and saw that she was a hard worker who deserved a break. They talked to the hotel manager about the maid and how she was doing on her job. The young woman didn't have much money and needed work.

The laundry room was piled up, and the maid went in and started the laundry and even organized everything in the room without being asked. When the maid realized that there was a $500 tip for her, she wanted to give it back at first before Kyle and Josh and her manager told her to keep the money because she deserved it for a job well done.

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