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Student Used Her Photos To Raise Awareness For Her Terrible Condition

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Many kids nowadays seem so detached from their peers. High school has never been an easy time for kids, as we begin to go through so many life changes and come into contact with the "real world". While we should be helping each other get through it all, too often we find ourselves at odds.

Perhaps that is why this story is so amazing. Madisyn Babcock is a student in Kansas, and at only 17-years-old, is already very active in her studies and with different school clubs. She plays music in her school band, is an avid artist, and has a lot of friends.

Unfortunately, she also has a rare medical condition that made it hard for her to cope with her daily life.

Madisyn suffers from alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss all over her body, but most obviously on her scalp.

When she was first diagnosed, she was devastated, but found a way to bring positivity back into her life, and for others.

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