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These Are The Best Worst Magicians You'll Ever See

Magicians have always caught our attention, with their supernatural abilities to make us believe the impossible is taking place. They also seem to have a cool companion to help them, and it's fun to see the spectacular illusions they can create together. With these two...not so much.

They aren't quite Penn and Teller, but they are gaining a huge audience because of their viral videos where they seem to have trouble getting through even a single trick.

The pair have great chemistry. The main magician, who goes by A Gan, begins with really cool tricks that we can't seem to figure out.

However, his grumpy assistant appears to be a little fed up with him, and always finds a way to reveal the secrets as A Gan performs.

Whether he is tired of playing second fiddle or merely upset with his partner is unclear, all we know is this poker-faced bystander has had enough of the tricks!

As all great partner comedy sketches, the tension builds with each segment until they end up fighting it out.

These are the funniest videos that they have released so far!

We're not sure what makes these videos so great to watch; the skill that A Gan has (as well as his laughable ego), or the calm way that his 'assistant' shuts him down!

We have to admit, the beginning of the illusion has us stupefied...

But the way his assistant reveals him is without mercy!

Some of these had us going for a second...

It doesn't matter where, it doesn't matter how, he just won't let him be!

So far their videos have conjured thousands of views, and everyone is excited to see both the mystifying tricks that A Gan comes up with, and the laughable way that his partner shuts them down!

What do you think of this illusion duo? Let us know in the comments!