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Hips Don't Lie. Fat Beaver Came Out Of Hibernation And Got Himself Into An Unusual Predicament

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We relate so hard to this chubby beaver. At the end of winter, animals come out of hibernation and so do our summer clothes. How many times have you excitedly brought out the box of shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops, only to find that they don't fit quite the same as before?

Something similar happened to a beaver who was wandering around in someone's yard in Hamilton, Canada. He tried to slide through an wrought-iron fence, but his back hips and back legs got stuck in the bars. Maybe he ate one too many wood chips, and this was his punishment.

"Unfortunately for this beaver, his sharp incisors were not helpful in cutting through the iron fence," said a news release. "He landed, as the Canadian-ism goes, 'arse over teakettle' through the fence onto a lower section of ground and couldn't pull his rear-end through with his tiny front paws."

Hamilton Animal Services

Homeowners spotted the distressed little guy lodged in their fence, so they called Hamilton Animal Services. When rescuers arrived, the beaver was very calm and allowed them to check him over. He seemed to know they were there to help.

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