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His Job Was To Take Patients To Their Rooms, But He Was Doing So Much More


Hospitals are a hub of life and death. The halls and rooms are sterile and bland and contain many strange faces and noises. Doctors and nurses rush through the halls using their extensive medical knowledge to treat patients. Modern medical devices fill the air with life-saving beeps and breaths. Medicine is delivered on trays with Jell-O and broth in an otherwise colorless and scentless environment.

Although doctors and nurses are often seen as heroes to those they help, a stay in the hospital can be an intimidating, scary and lonely experience. At a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, however, one employee is changing the stereotypical face of a hero, while transforming the hospital experiences of the patients he serves.

"My name is Lindon, and I'll be your chauffeur."

For 30 years, Lindon Beckford has worked as a transporter at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The day-to-day duties of his job are simple enough. He just needs to transport patients from room to room within the hospital. Lindon doesn't just transport patients from room to room, though. He is also a gifted singer and he chooses to transport his patients away from the stressful hospital environment through the power of music.

Lindon chooses to share this special talent with his patients to liven up an otherwise sterile hospital environment, to alleviate the anxiety of their medical issues, and to help them forget any pain they may be feeling. Before he shares his love of music, Lindon always introduces himself to patients with, "My name is Lindon, and I'll be your chauffeur." Lindon's friendly personality and talent for singing is a welcome surprise to the patients he meets.

Lindon has a personal understanding of the medicinal powers of music. He has been singing for most of his life, and it has helped him work through his own anxiety and panic attacks. Lindon has a passion for music and loves to share it with others. When Lindon decided bring the power of music into the halls of the hospital, people responded very positively. He loves to sing to patients at the hospital to help ease their anxiety, fear or pain. Likewise, patients love to hear him sing. It brings a little joy into an otherwise somber and serious environment.

Patients say that when Lindon sings to them, it makes them feel special and it alleviates the loneliness they feel. Lindon's singing has become such a tradition that he even gets requests from people. Lindon doesn't anticipate putting an end to his singing anytime soon. He hopes to continue sharing his gift with others for a long time to come. He loves sharing his love of music with others and alleviating a little bit of the burden and stress that comes with a hospital stay. Lindon believes in the power of music and the joy found in singing.

While enjoying a personalized concert in the halls of the hospital, patients also experience the healing power of kindness. Lindon Beckford is an unsung hero who sings to help others, if even for a moment, during the scariest moments in life.

Do you think there should be more people like Lindon in hospitals?