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His Mic Stopped Working During The Anthems. What The Crowd Did Next Left Everyone Speechless

Hockey in Canada is a pretty big deal. Especially when it comes to the playoffs. Fans packed the arena as they waited for their NHL team the Edmonton Oilers to drop the puck. As is tradition with all sporting events, both the American and Canadian anthems were to be sung prior to the game.

Country superstar Brett Kissel stepped up to the mic to sing the Star-Spangled Banner when all of a sudden his mic cut out. Kissel looks a little unsure of how to proceed, but it's when the crowd opened their mouths that caught everyone's attention.

An arena filled with almost 20,000 Canadians belted out the American national anthem as though it was their own!

Canada is always seen as a friendly place...and this certainly makes that case even stronger! Do you think Americans would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed?